Little Known Facts*

The original title of "All That You Can't Leave Behind" was "This is for Beth, because she's so sweet."

Edge LOVES mushrooms.... ; )

Adam hums. The other 3 rattled, but Adam is the one who put the hum in "Rattle & Hum!"

Adam was going to be a priest, if this 'music thing' didn't work out.

Larry owns a cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Edge really DOES paint cats, he's got a whole gallery of em hidden away.

Adam designs AND models women's lingerie in his sparetime.

Bono IS Bobby Fischer.

Larry is a world reknowned pogo stick champion.

The true meaning of "Streets" has to do with Bono's driving... on the sidewalk!

Bono originally coined the phrase, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Bono and Gavin are fraternal twins.

Edge is the All-Ireland Hula-Hoop Champion!

The Joshua Tree is really a "shrub" in Adam's garden.

Larry really IS Elvis!!!

Edge traded his hair for a jar of shrooms and the secret of the universe....

Zooropa was really the story of Edge's shroom adventure.

The Edge is an ear-model in his off-time.

By Beth, Boadicea, and Mandi
© News You Can Lose, August 2000

* We use the term VERY loosely.